GMC Revalidation and Trainees:


All trainees are responsible for and should ensure they are connected to the correct designated body and Responsible Officer (RO) as listed below:


  • Designated Body: Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Responsible Officer: Joanna Szram


  • Designated Body: Health Education South London

Responsible Officer: Geeta Menon


  • Designated Body: Health Education Northwest London

Responsible Officer: Gary Wares


  • Designated Body: Health Education North Central and East London

Responsible Officer: Gary Wares


Please do not connect yourself to the Trust you work in or anywhere else in London /Kent, Surrey and Sussex as we will not be able to revalidate you. This includes if you go on OOP (Out Of Programme).


Your revalidation will be processed by your specialty team in accordance with your notice from the GMC and will be supported by your ARCP and Form R.


Trainees due to CCT:


For trainees who are due to CCT we will try to revalidate you within four weeks after your final ARCP panel.  For some of you who are not already under notice - which means due for a revalidation submission within 120 days - we will need to ‘bring you forward’ on GMC Connect to enable us to revalidate you.  You will get communication from the GMC to say this has happened, but you do not need to do anything.  When we bring trainees forward it takes at least five working days for your record to appear at our end so revalidation submissions may be delayed slightly.



Disconnecting once you leave:


Please do not disconnect your record from London/ KSS until you receive communication from the GMC Revalidation Team to say they have received submission for revalidation from us.  After this you should disconnect from us and connect to your new RO. If you are not going straight into employment and so do not have a new RO, you are still required to disconnect yourself from London/KSS.