At Level 3 of training (ST6-8) trainees have the opportunity to sub-specialise in a specific area of paediatrics through the NTN Grid.  Grid training is a 2-3 year programme; trainees must ensure that they have enough time left in their training before their agreed CCT date. CCT dates cannot be changed to accommodate subspecialist training.

Applications normally open in early September with deadlines in late September and interviews take place in November/December; the key dates are published on the RCPCH website:

Details of the programme posts will also be found on the RCPCH website. 

For any queries, please contact the RCPCH via  Phone: 020 7092 6139


London trainees

When applying for Grid London trainees will need to download the eligibility form which can be found on the college website.  This form needs to be completed and sent to the Paediatric Team to confirm that you will be eligible for Grid training and they have no concerns regarding your training progress.  You will be contacted if there are any queries, ie if there is any uncertainty about your CCT date.  Once the forms have been checked they will be signed by the Head of School for London and the Paediatrics Team will then send the forms onto the College.

The London GRID TPD is Dr Anne Opute:

KSS Trainees

You will need to complete the eligibility form as above but email it to the GRID TPD who will check, sign and return this to you.  You will then need to send the form onto the College in time for the closing date.

The KSS GRID TPD is Dr John Somarib